Taki Bacha Rahe Loktantra

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Taki Bacha Rahe Loktantra
Taki Bacha Rahe Loktantra
Author Ravindra Prabhat
Originaltitle Taki Bacha Rahe Loktantra
Title ताकि बचा रहे लोकतन्त्र
Translator So that democracy could be saved
Publisher Hind Yugm Publication, New Delhi, India
Publicationdate may 2011
ISBN 9788191038583/ISBN 8191038587
Country India
Page: 136 pp (first edition)
Language Hindi
Genre Fiction (Novel)
Type Story based on untouchability.
Homecreations Print (hardcover)

Taki Bacha Rahe Loktantra (Hindi: ताकि बचा रहे लोकतन्त्र), literally So that democracy could be saved is a Hindi novel by Ravindra Prabhat.It was first published in 2011 and is one of the powerful and emerging voices amongst India's post colonial literary stalwarts. This Novel is written in a humorous style and is intended to go beyond the basic concept of comedy. Author defied conventional traditions and created a niche for himself.[१][२][३]

This Novel is based on untouchability and is about one such Dalit young man "jhingana" who had faced the atrocities of high standard peoples. Although being treated as non-touchable. He rose to greater height in Indian society and gained name and fame.[४]

Story is related to Dalit literature. Author of this novel Ravindra Prabhat is a Hindi poet and an Indian Novelist. whose writings used to be very emotionally charged.India has produced several writers who have influenced a whole generation and continue to inspire the coming generations by their writings. Their works vividly portray the picture of Indian society and subtly bring out the ills in it. Ravindra Prabhat is one of a well known name in the field of Indian literature.[५][६][७]

"Prabhat" is a Hindi writer and new media person, connected with many periodicals. He is also involved in active writing in print media and his blog Parikalpana.[८] He has also written the novel 'Taki Bacha Rahe Loktantra'.[९]

Awards this Work[सम्पादन]

  • Nagarjuna Birth centenary Story Award (2011)[१०]


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