Somrathne Withana

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Somrathne Withana
Somrathne Withana
Full name Don Somrathne Withana
Birth place Anuradhapura, SriLanka
Funeral land Anuradhapura, SriLanka
Karma-field Anuradhapura, SriLanka
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Language English
Education Post Graduate
Nationality Sri Lankan
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Somrathne Withana (हिन्दी: सोमरथ्ने विथाना) is Sri Lanka's senior Dramatist. He is a past student of central college Anuradhapura. He was greatly attracted to literary aspects during his schooling. He got the chance to enter the public stage in 1980. First he was the stage Manager in many Dramas. His first Drama on public stage was "Rajakeeya Vendesiyak" (The Royal Auction) which was directed by Mr. Sunanda Silva, A well Known Dramatist in that period. Withana act as a soldier and it was one of the main characters in the Drama.


unmemorable Dramas in Withana's life

1986 was a unmemorable year in his life. He became best supporting actor in all island youth awarding festival in 1986. The name of the Drama was "Golu Diwaina" (Dumb Island) and was directed by Anuradha Ranjith. The theme of the Drama is about the discrimination of ethnics. There Withana acted as a Tamil Doctor and for the first time he took responsibility for stage decoration.

In 1986 He participated for the district Drama festival and won a place . He acted as "The General" in the Drama "Mother" of Maxim Gorky. After that he participated for many Dramas as an Actor or a stage manager.

Having inspired by the success of all the experience and the knowledge, He was able to direct many Shakespeare's english Dramas in many schools.

In 1998, He directed William Shakespeare's "Taming of the shrew for the all island Shakespeare english Drama festival". He directed this Drama in St. Joseph's College, Anuradhapura. After that Mr. Withana gave his enduring contribution and dedication to direct many shakespearian english Dramas with the senior students of St. Josheph's college Anuradhapura. Among them, Julius Caesar, Hamlet, Anthony and Cleopatra, Tweleth Night were Highly Appreciated.

In 2006, He Directed Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" in central College Anuradhapura. It was the best production in the provincial english school Drama festival.

Also in last few year, as a Dramatist, and as a Director He storve to share the experience and his knowledge he gained, with the students in various schools, and with various organizations.


  • Best Production Award for Romeo & Juliet Drama in island.
  • Kala Bhushana Award
  • "The Dumb Island"-As a Doctor- Best Supporting Actor Award in All island youth festival-1986

Personal Life[सम्पादन]

Mr. Withana left the public stage as to do his career and he helps his son and daughter to win the aesthetic field. His son has completed his master degree successfully (Master of Performing Arts-Violin) and he has been learning music in Bhatkhande Music University for 9 years and his Daughter is following Manipuri Dans in the same university.

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