Ravindra Prabhat

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Ravindra Prabhat
Ravindra Prabhat रवीन्द्र प्रभात
Full name Ravindra Prabhat
Birth April 05, 1969
Birth place Mahindwara, Sitamarhi, Bihar, India
parents Kedarnath Chaubey (father)
Late Urmila Devi (Mother)
spouse M. Prabhat (1989-present)
Children Urvija Dubey, Subendu Prabhat and Urvashi Prabhat
Aalok Bhardwaj (son in law)
Funeral land Lucknow
Karma-field Varanasi & Lucknow
Main compositions Ham Safar (1991), History of Hindi Blogging and Taki Bacha Rahe Loktantra (2011), Prem Na Hat Bikay (1912) and Dharati Pakad Nirdaliya (2013)
Search Poetry, Ghazal, Story Writing and Blog Criticism
Language Hindi
Education management graduate
Nationality Indian
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Ravindra Prabhat (hindi:रवीन्द्र प्रभात; born on April 5, 1969) is a Hindi novelist,scholar, journalist, poet and a short story writer from India.[१][२]He has served as an administrator, editor, and researcher, and screen play writer. He writes for major daily newspaper as a historian. He modernised Sketching artwork by spurning rigid classical forms and resisting linguistic strictures. His novels, stories, poems, ghazals and essays spoke to topics political and personal. Many of his works have been translated into other languages and published in various journals and anthologies.[३][४][५] He has also received several awards.

Early life & Education[सम्पादन]

Prabhat was born on 5 April 1969 in the village of Mahindwara, Sitamarhi, India.[६][७] He raised and received primary education there. He obtained higher education in geography honours from B. R. Ambedkar Bihar University in Muzaffarpur, he later studied Master of Journalism and Mass Communication ( MJMC) from the Uttar Pradesh Rajarshi Tandon Open University, Allahabad.[८][९][१०][११]

Personal life[सम्पादन]

Ravindra Prabhat with his wife.

According to the Brahmin family culture he underwent an upanayan initiation at age eleven. He married M. Prabhat, in Bettiah in 18 May 1989. They had a son Shubhendu Prabhat & two daughters Urvija & Urvashi Prabhat. in 2014, Urvija married Aalok Bhardwaj, who is Hindi film and television actor.[१२]

Literary career[सम्पादन]

Prabhat has been writing since 1987 in various subjects.[१३][१४][१५][१६] His compositions are published by almost all major Hindi newspapers in India and abroad.[१७][१८] His poems are compiled into a half-dozen poetry collections. A regular columnist for the Daily News Activist and Jansandesh Times Hindi daily published from Lucknow.[१९][२०][२१][२२] He is also chief editor of VatVriksh[२३] & Parikalpana Samay[२४] (Hindi Magazine).

Writings & Styles[सम्पादन]

Ravindra Prabhat, best remembered for his debut novel ‘Taki Bacha Rahe Loktantra' is one of the powerful and emerging voices amongst India's post colonial literary stalwarts.

Dr. Virendra Kumar Basu
"Unless the Social System does not come till then the financial crisis will remain as it exist in the present system for Dalits." Taki Bacha Rahe Loktantra (Novel), Hindyugm Books, 2011.
"Love is expressed as an action and experienced as a feeling." Prem Na Hat Bikay (Novel), Hindyugm Books, 2011.

Ravindra Prabhat is a realistic poet. The impressionable images created by him allow his readers to introspect. His poems revolve around the nuances of life. The plays around his choice of words create magic in the mind of his readers. His poems carry an earthy essence with a nostalgic yearning.

As a social painter Ravindra Prabhat paints a lovely picture of the hypocrisy, bureaucracy and plutocracy through his Literary world for the revival of a different facets of nature and exhales his creative fragrance for the essence of the critic world. His more than two and half decades selfless service to the literary world has reserved a permanent berth in the popular psyche of the creative milieu.

His mastery over the use of imagery in his poetry makes Ravindra Prabhat a poet to reckon with. his landmark Poem, 'See Dumb Man', is an innovative hindi Ghazal. His poetic message is to love one another and turn this earth into a dale of eternal bliss. Love all living beings and make a heavenly world on this strife-stricken earth. The poet propounds the philosophy of suffering of life in his poem ‘ See Dumb Man.

In most of his poems, Prabhat comes as a poet with a strong tender voice. He partakes in the mundane aspect of life with a passion that makes his readers elevate to a higher self

Like Tagore Ravindra Prabhat is primarily a spring suitor who inhales all forms of spring for spiritual consciousness and exhales poetic fragrances to the outside world. T. S. Eliot calls the hollow men of the modern society because they are deprived of morality, spirituality and ideology and possess only the flesh into to. Like T. S. Eliot Ravindra Prabhat exposes the hollowness of modern man who lives in the fool’s paradise for want of conscience. Man has become thirsty of one’s blood. It is quite impossible for a man to have faith in another because faithfulness has become a story of the past for them. On the contrary people extend their helping hands to those who are fraudsters, black marketers, cheaters and butchers on the name of friendship, peace and prosperity.

Dr. Virendra Kumar Basu, Critic[२५]

His landmark short story, 'RASBATIYA', is an innovative story. This story about the consultations inviolable basis. This is a sordid tale of a rural village lady of North East India. [२६]


"If a Bloggers dies without transforming his/her knowledge to the new generation, the knowledge is meaningless.”
Ravindra Prabhat[२७]

English: Ravindra Prabhat has done some specific tasks in the field of blog criticism. In 2007, He started a new experiment Through Blog analysis. He organised and presented for the first time the main hindi bloggers of blog world on one platform. and other than that authors & poets also joined Blog Festival. This has given a positive message in the Hindi blogging.

— Jansandesh Times by Dr. Zakir Ali Rajnish, 1 March 2011.[२८]
Ravindra Prabhat with Mr. Arjun Narasingha K.C.(Senior leader of nepali congress and Ex cabinet Minister Nepal Govt) in Kathmandu (Nepal), 13 September 2013

Prabhat is specially recognized for his critic works towards Hindi blogging. He has also published his writing in the form of a blog. he He presented hindi blog analysis and reports of various blogs every year. [२९] He started blogging in 2007, and has published fiction as well as reviews of other blogs.[३०][३१][३२][३३]

Prabhat is a founding member of the Parikalpna Award, a blog literary award in India. This is a literary award for blogs in South asia. It is presented by the magazine Parikalpana Samay and the Non-governmental organization Parikalpnaa. The first Parikalpna Award function was inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, Ramesh Pokhariyal Nishank in New Delhi on 30 April 2011. This One day celebration session was chaired by Ashok Chakradhar, Dr. Ram Darash Mishra, Prabhakar Shrotriy, Ravindra Prabhat and Vishwa Bandhu Gupta. [३४]

The second Parikalpna Award function was inaugurated by the Senior Indian Journalist Mr Mudra Rakshas in Lucknow on 27 August 2012. This One day celebration session was chaired by Shailendra Sagar, Birendra Yadav, Udbhrant, Rakesh Veda, Sudhakar Adeeb, Ravindra Prabhat and Dr. Subhaash Ray. [३५]

The third Parikalpna Award function took place on 13–15 September 2013. It was inaugurated by the Senior leader of Nepali Congress party and Ex- cabinet mister of Nepal Arjun Narasingha K.C. in Kathmandu, Nepal.[३६] This three days celebration session was chaired by Mr. Kumud Adhikari, Suman Pokhrel, Uma Suvedi, Sanat Regmi, Vikram Mani Tripathi, Ravindra Prabhat, Dr. Rama Dwivedi, Dr. Sampatdevi Muraraka, K.K. Yadav, Akanksha Yadav, Girish Pankaj, Lalit Sharma, B.S. Pawala, Dr Ram Bahadur Mishra, Shailesh Bharatvasi, Mukesh Kumar Sinha, Mukesh Tiwari, Manoj Bhavuk, Saroj Suman, Vinay Prajapati, Sunita Prem Yadav etc. Nepali, Hindi, Bhojpuri, Awadhi, Maithili, Chattisgarhi writer and folklore scholar.


"Alliteration the mind -
life is a honeymoon
vernal song on the
humble bee's lips,
Alcoholic realized
in the mustard flower,
as like friend ."
"The dog may be man
Horse, donkey, too
But the bull -
Man can not

From, Ravindra Prabhat's
Poetry book Smriti Shesh.
Trans. Dr. Virendra Kumar Basu





Poetry collections


  • Urvija 1992 to 1995. Published at Sitamarhi, Bihar in India.
  • Fagunahat, 1990 to 1992a yearly magazine published at Sitamarhi, Bihar in India.
  • Samvad, 1993, editor of a special issue of this monthly magazine, whose principal editor was Basant Arya.
  • Sahityanjali, 1994. editor of a special issue of this monthly magazine, whose principal editor was Madhvendra Verma.
  • Hamari Vani 2010, a Hindi e-journal. he was consulting editor for the year 2010.
  • Parikalpna Blogotsav, 2012 - . He is chief editor of this Internet web journal.
  • Vatvriksh, May 2011 to May 2013. A Hindi magazine published in Lucknow. He is chief editor.
  • Parikalpana Samay, June 2013 - A monthly Hindi magazine published in Lucknow. He is chief editor.



Art Work[सम्पादन]



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