Mat Rona Ramjani Chacha

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यहाँ जाएँ: भ्रमण, खोज

Mat Rona Ramjani Chacha (Hindi: मत रोना रमज़ानी चाचा)is a collection of ghazals by the Indian poet Ravindra Prabhat. Mat Rona Ramjani Chacha depicts the interplay of human emotions, thoughts, and actions by taking mythological metaphors.[१]


As a social painter Ravindra Prabhat paints a lovely picture of the hypocrisy, bureaucracy and plutocracy through his Literary world for the revival of a different facets of nature and exhales his creative fragrance for the essence of the critic world. His more than two and half decades selfless service to the literary world has reserved a permanent berth in the popular psyche of the creative milieu.[२]His poetic message is to love one another and turn this earth into a dale of eternal bliss. Love all living beings and make a heavenly world on this strife-stricken earth. The poet propounds the philosophy of suffering of life in his poem ‘ See Dumb Man’:

"Crowded - feel free to speak- See Dumb Man. "

-In Mat Rona Ramjani Chacha,(Ghazal Collection)[३][४][५]


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