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In fact, all provesicular formulations exhibited significantly higher dissolution than control in both dissolution media. In the goat intestinal permeation study, the mean cumulative amount of drug permeated from formulation F4 at 48?h (30995.08??g) was significantly higher (Pselleck screening library Furthermore, the enhancement ratio of formulation F4 was double than that of control indicating that the order of increasing permeation enhancement was F4>Glinate? 60>control. In summary, the permeability of NTG was significantly enhanced (PZ-VAD-FMK supplier formulations stored in the refrigerator (2�C8?��C) and at room temperature (25��2?��C) for three months showed no evidence of drug precipitation and retained their loose and uniform appearance. However, after 3 months Ozagrel formulation F4 was more stable under refrigerated conditions than at room temperature. Moreover, in terms of drug retention, Fig. 6C shows that the retention in formulation F4 is unchanged during storage under refrigerated conditions for 3 months (P