Dharati Pakad Nirdaliya

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Dharati Pakad Nirdaliya
धरती पकड़ निर्दलीय
Author Ravindra Prabhat
Originaltitle धरती पकड़ निर्दलीय
Title Dharati Pakad Nirdaliya
Translator Dharati Pakad, Independent (politician)
Publisher Hind Yugm Publication, New Delhi, India
Publicationdate 2013
ISBN 9789381394519/ISBN 9381394512
Country India
Page: 168 pp (first edition)
Language Hindi
Topic Narrative based on Indian local Politics
Genre Fiction (Novel)
Homecreations Print (Paperback)

Dharati Pakad Nirdaliya (Hindi: धरती पकड़ निर्दलीय), is a Hindi novel by Ravindra Prabhat. It was first published in 2013 and it is written in a humorous style.[१][२][३]

The novel is a sarcastic portrayal of a village forum in India.


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